Local short film “Touch” has been screened in festivals in Europe, US, India, and Indonesia. Most recently, it took a jury choice award at the Diversity in Cannes Short Film Showcase.

An international panel of judges convened and unanimously chose “Touch” for the Jury Choice Award. This news comes on the heels of winning Best Picture at the Sciuridae Film Festival. “Touch” has also racked several other nominations from other festivals, as well as 3 nominations from the US’s Best Shorts Film Competition.

In the film, a loving single mom, Connie (Krystin Pellerin), is facing eviction. When she’s offered work, everyone turns her down on babysitting, forcing her to call an estranged brother (Darryl Hopkins) as a last resort. “Touch” challenges societal stereotypes that those who live in poverty are guilty of something.

The film was a product of NIFCO’s famed Picture Start Project, with the support of the Newfoundland & Labrador Film Development Corporation, Telefilm Canada, and City of St. John’s Arts Grants. It was written and directed by Noel Harris.

Harris has also been selected for the Truth or Dare Workshop.  Two industry professionals will screen Touch and then meet Noel to critique the film and offer some clear, direct, and shrewd advice regarding the film.

Catch “Touch” this month at the closing night of Nickel Independent FIlm Festival, June 18th.