Newfoundland artist David Tuck passed away in 2015, and as a tribute to the man, his work, “and his unique view of life,” artist friends from across the Atlantic region have been invited to create new artworks, in a variety of media, each one to incorporate some of David’s ashes.

As the press release says, “David always said that after he died he would like to be painted into a masterpiece. His friends thought this would be a great salute to David and a way to say, ‘a part of you is still here with us.'”

The exhibit will run at Eastern Edge Gallery from MArch 12th to the 26th, with an opening reception Saturday March 12th, from 7-9pm. This will include remarks from friends, as well as a performance piece by Sara Tilley “and acolytes.”

Participating Atlantic Canadian artists include:

Jamie Baxter

Karen Bonia

David Brewer

Elizabeth Dillon

Cliff Eyland

Teena Marie Fancey

Joe Fowler

Morgan Hanam

Lorie Jesperson

Mary MacDonald

Peter Kirby

Robert MacNeil

Catherine Moir

Noreen Mooney

Onni Nordman

Zoë Onysko

Jonathan Robinson

Tracey Robinson

Bernard Siller

Pat Sollows

Craig Squires

Sara Tilley (and acolytes)

Sharon Trueman

David Tuck

Charmaine Wheatley

April White

Ulrike Zuschlag