Loading Zones Aren’t Parking Zones: Please!

“I am a delivery driver. You could NOT understand how much it makes my job hell when I can’t get into a loading zone because you’ve parked in a loading zone and gone to eat lunch! Please. Don’t do this! Loading zones are meant for delivery drivers to pull in, deliver, and get out for the next delivery driver, who is often right there and waiting! I got a $50 ticket today for parking in a no parking zone because impatient heartless fools are parking in loading zone spots to go have their lattes and lunches. These loading zones are few and far between and strategically placed. STAY OUT OF THEM” – ARG!

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  • I feel your pain fellow delivery driver. A quick call to 311, will have a parking enforcement officer to ticket the offender in the loading zone, in a matter of minutes. Too many self-entitled idiots, who just see the free space and think, “I’m amazing. I found a free spot in busy downtown, and I don’t even need to put money in a meter!”

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