“Our goal is to document evidence of the afterlife,” says Jonathan Mallard, Electronic Voice Phenomenon researcher and co-founder of the Life After Death Society. “We investigate claims of paranormal activity through scientific methods to either prove or debunk the activity as paranormal or unexplained. We have been all over the province searching for answers,” says Mallard.

The Life After Death Society has investigated spooktacular locations in the region such as the Cape Spear military bunkers (“residual and intelligent hauntings,” says Mallard), Power’s Pond (“hit or miss”), and the Forest Road Cemetery (“haunted as hell”).

Jonathan Mallard specializes in Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), the occurrence of sounds or voices on audio recordings when there should be none. “It’s a branch of parapsychology, called instrumental trans communication, and has been around since the 1940s,” says Mallard. “In my own research, I have come to believe that the majority of examples of EVP captured are examples of audio pareidolia (making sense of random noise)”.

Along with Mallard, the team includes Robert Dumond (former private investigator and “a magnet for the paranormal”), and his wife, Jennifer Peddle, who is currently handling the administrative work (the ‘Janine’ to their ‘Peter & Egon’).

With their combined years of experience, the team has hung out their shingle as “no-charge, not-for-profit” paranormal investigators. “We are currently looking for places to investigate and do not charge for our service.”

I talked with Jonathan Mallard to find out more about investigations, fieldwork, and g-g-g-g-ghosts.

How would I know if my house is haunted?

Voices, footsteps, things moving with no causality, feelings of being watched, apparitions, odours with no origin, cold spots and sometimes even pets acting strange. Chances are, if we are being contacted, multiple events have been witnessed or odd occurrences have been documented prior to that contacting.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Eight night-vision cameras, DVR system, audio recorders, “ghost boxes” (which are hacked radios), EMF meters, temperature guns, game cameras, wind blockers … We are 100% ready to investigate any location and are always trying new things out in the field.

What evidence have you gathered?

We have captured many examples of what I call M.A.I.D. communications (Multiple word, Audible to the ear,  Intelligently communicated, Directly in response to a question or environmental stimulus). I coined this term as a means of organizing our data. These, it would seem, are coming from the other side.

Whats been your favourite investigation?

My favourite investigation so far has been a cabin owned by my late uncle Everett’s family. It was amazing to capture evidence of his presence and a real eye opener to many. The things we caught were not scary I might add. If anything, they were reassuring that when we die there may be something else besides black.

What can I do if my home is haunted?

We are currently searching for locations to conduct research. We are not a TV ghost hunting show and a small intimate team of two or three is all we use. We are very serious about what we do and are on the hunt for places we can investigate for more data. Historic buildings, notoriously haunted houses, or anywhere else that may have ghost stories attached to them would be an ideal place for us to set up and search for truth.

Contact the Life After Death Society  at www.Facebook.com/lifeafterdeathsociety or lifeafterdeathsociety@gmail.com