In the hopes of not seeing the Brenda Seymour incident blow over as a news story of the month, or as if that sort of thing is at all uncommon, and in hopes that enlightenment can change perpetrators’ ways, The Overcast would like to launch a 2-part series in March and April about the subtle and overt ways women or trans individuals have been marginalized in the workplace.

It’s clear from internet comments that a portion of the province can’t see the difference between “having a little fun at work,” or “being a jovial Newfoundlander,” and belittling a woman in the workplace.

The good news is I have observed that at least some of these men (and women), when enlightened through explanation and example, will change their belittling ways, and in fact feel horrible about previous actions.

So, we’re looking to gather local examples of ways you’ve felt, solely because of your gender, belittled in the workplace. For example: I once made the same point as a female co-worker to our boss, in an email – she was told she was being too emotional; minutes later, I was commended for being a frank, straight-shooter.

Are you an athlete who has heard broadcasters comment on your clothes? A “cute” musician whom the soundGUY ignores when you try and suggest something? Does your male co-worker get called “assertive” in a staff meeting, while you’re told to stop PMS-ing during the moment you try to get “assertive?” Does a headcount of higher-ups proove the glass ceiling at your workplace is higher for men?

Share your stories below … please explain an example, and articulate how it’s unfair and demoralizing (as if you’re addressing someone who doesn’t understand how it made you feel), and maybe we can bring at least a few folks into the year 2016 together …

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