Image by Darrell Edwards

What is downtown without its most legendary pubs, shops, and restaurants open for business? After nearly nine months of St. John’s mourning the void left behind by Nautical Nellies’ shop-closing water damages (courtesy of the 2014 blackouts), the popular pub is striving to be open for happy hour this evening.

You can follow the live updates on Nellie’s Facebook page. The last update was, “Waiting for the word to unlock the door …  As soon as we know something, you will too.”

In terms of restoring the pub, and changes to the place and menu, we were told that “it was a big restoration … these things always take more time than planned and then there are always little hiccups along the way. Since we had to do the work, we decided to update the décor and the kitchen and really make Nellies something special”

There have been some menu changes, but all the favourites are still there. “We have the same chef and cooks so the food will remain as great as ever. We are very proud of Nellies and hope to be unlocking the door today.”

In the words of one Facebook fan, “To quote Tom Petty… The waiting is the hardest part. ”