Left Turns and Generally Being Stunned

“Hey, I’ve an idea … when turning left at an intersection, how about pulling ahead into the intersection instead of staying firmly positioned behind the line so that when the light turns yellow more than one car actually makes it through the intersection per light?  I can’t count the number of times a light has turned yellow with the lead car just sitting there stunned with 5 cars behind stuck waiting for the next light. Argh.” – Really?!?

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  • It’s called “challenging the intersection”. As long as you are in the intersection when the light turn yellow or red, it’s ok to proceed. Learned that recently from a Canada Safety Council, driver safety training instructor… And it’s defendable in court. A cop who intents to ticket you for that should be reminded of that.

  • @Max, @anon. So if you’re waiting to make a left turn, rather than move into the intersection to complete your turn when the light turns yellow, you’d just sit there at the line and hope for better luck the next time the light turns green?!?

  • Interesting. In Vancouver and Toronto, it is common practice to advance into the intersection while making a left turn. In fact, Young Drivers of Canada teaches new drivers to move ahead when turning left at a light.
    I’ve not really witnessed the practice here but can attest to the fact that if you pulled that stunt in Vancouver you’d most likely be hauled out of your car by the frustrated drivers waiting an eternity behind you.

  • If you are out in the middle of the intersection and can’t make that left turn before the light turns red, you can be ticketed. Coworker was rotted one day because he got a ticket under such circumstances.

  • @Max. I think you may have missed the OPs point…. Repeat after me: “It’s ok to turn left on a yellow light”. Really, it is. In any other city in Canada that I’ve driven, I’ve never seen people sit there at the line when the light turns yellow.

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