Lawnya Vawnya 2015


Lawnya Vawnya, voted “Best Local Music Festival” in our Best of St. John’s Issue,
will bring headliners like Lowell, The Strumbellas, Teenager, Suuns, and Doug Paisley to Town in April


The festival, dubbed an “Exposition of Independent Art & Culture,” will return to St. John’s this April 22nd to 26th for its fifth year. Here, in their own words, are the performers:

From away:

Lowell: a fierce pop wolf who crafts catchy, confronting anthems, with smart lyrics speaking about LGBTQ rights, feminism and love.

The Strumbellas: Juno award winning, alternative folk and country act who will inevitably have you stomping, flailing and dancing all night to sing-a-long anthems.

Suuns: Described as “drone scholars,” who create visceral, ominous, fuzzed out art rock.

Doug Paisley: Crafts intense, smooth and honeyed minimalist country that will leave you with strong feelings.

Weaves: Described by Buzz Records as “pop eclectics, seductive art-rockers and musicians with a delirious swirl” who make “bent-out-of-shape pop music that’s catchy and unpredictable.”

Teenanger: A fast, fun, free flying straight up punk band who warn us to “tie your house keys to your jeans” before heading to the show.

Jon Mckiel: Halifax’s songwriting jewel, whose work has been described by the National Post as “surprising beauty powering through heavy sludge.”

Donovan Woods: Critically acclaimed writer of Sweet, intimate, and sometimes comedic songs

Walrus: A gang of sun soaked, spaced out, chart topping, festival hopping psych-rock champs

The Lonely Parade: According to our friends at Kazooo Fest in Guelph, Ontario, are described as a “three headed beast made up of young women that sounds like Bikini Kill, Gang of Four and Mudhoney were put in a blender for 51 years then sprinkled with spices you have never tried before.”

Plus Dark for Dark, Mauno, Painful Shivers, Nick Everett, Gianna Lauren, Susie Asado, Suds, Owen Steel, Hiera, Spitula Clark and Vulva Culture.


From Town:

Family Video, MAANS, The Darts, GEM, Boathaus, Katie Baggs, The Killing (REUNION SHOW!), Peter Willie Young Tree, The Domestics, Mooch, Slick Nixon, Bleu, Kira Sheppard, Ouroboros, Jonny and the Cowabungas, Mudflowers (REUNION SHOW!), Quidi Video, AE Bridger, The Ginger Snaps. Also, The Burning Hell, as always, are coming back!


Non-music Component:

“In addition to music,” says festival co-ordinator Andrea Vincent, “we are thrilled to present multidisciplinary art by Amery Sandford, Craig Francis Power, Erin Turcke, Aley Waterman, Meg Coles, and Eastern Edge visiting artists Eva Ísleifs, Katrin I Jonsdottir Hjordisardottir and Rakel McMahon, as well as several guest speakers, panel discussions, the annual all-ages music crawl, pop-up shows, a record and small press fair, and much much more.”

Ticket Information:

Festival passes are available for purchase online at Early bird passes are available until March 31st , 2015 for $80.00. Regular priced festival passes go on sale as of April 1st , 2015 for $100.00. Festival passes will grant access (subject to capacity) to all Lawnya Vawnya events. The official festival schedule and more exciting partnerships and events will be announced in the coming weeks.