It’s nearing that time again. The sixth installation of St. John’s lovable Lawnya Vawnya Festival, which only last year served as an incubator for a party that people still can’t seem to forget.

Yung Dumb and Lawnya Vawnya collaborated to curate Lawnya Vawnya Electronica, the festival’s first delve into the weird world of electronic music.

Last year, we had Toronto mainstay Gingy tough through the tumultuous fog, well known amongst our local show goers as an evil entity that cancels flights and puts many of our highly anticipated concerts in jeopardy. Thankfully, Gingy made his epic arrival at 2 AM where he played a very versatile (and late) set that covered everything from 90s R&B to underground techno.

This year, we have a duo coming in from the same city that is only slightly cut from the same cloth. Hudson Alexander & Eytan Tobin are making music at the forefront of Bedroomer, a genre-defying independent Toronto-based label and party crew that have become home to up-and-comers such as Internet Daughter, and are shaking up the way inner city Toronto youth perceive the modern dance party.

When interviewed by VICE magazine at an adult slumber party, the conclusion was that Bedroomer are known for two things: 1.) A strong sense of inclusivity, and 2.) Weird as f*uck dance parties.

Their eclectic outlook on dance music really shows through the array of artists they’ve shared the stage with. Eytan has opened for Baauer and Hudson Mohawk (one of Kanye’s producers) on different occasions. Shortly after, he warmed up for the mysterious North Carolina bred DJ Paypal and the legendary SOPHIE, who has produced for the likes of Madonna.

A recent Bedroomer party hosted Flying Lotus’s label-mate Jessy Lanza, who is quickly garnering respect as one of the most unique artists that Canada has to offer. Hudson, on the other hand, has been catching support from the likes of Basic Soul Unit, who is a staple in the Canadian-European pipeline of underground techno music. So, you get my point, they do what they want.

“I’m excited to leave Toronto for a bit and go somewhere I’ve never been before” says Hudson, “Also, playing to a brand new crowd is always really exciting.” Eytan said much of the same, but he’s adamant on me buying him a seafood dinner for his birthday, which he’s happy to spend in St. John’s.

In a music scene that’s undeniably a little closed off from the outside world, festivals like Lawnya Vawnya offer a prime opportunity to hear something different and exciting. I find people are all open minds, but when it comes to dance music, sometimes there are understandably some preconceived notions with our locals due to past stigmas and sleazy clubs.

I’m excited to further debunk that stereotype at a festival like Lawnya Vawnya, in a new venue like Factory, and with a forward-thinking collective like Bedroomer at the helm. Lawnya Vawnya Electronica II is Saturday, May 7th at Factory.