Volume 2 Issue #4 of Live Magazine!, curated by Allie Duff, is happening in the Cox & Palmer Second Space at the LSPU Hall at 8:00pm on Monday January 30th.  Tickets are $5.00 and can be purchased at the door.

Live Magzine! is a series of  variety-show like events that have been happening regularly at the LSPU Hall since September of 2016. Each ‘issue’ of Live Magazine! is composed of a line-up of performances by artists working in different genres.

Every issue is curated by a different director who acts as the evening’s host, introducing the performers and interviewing them on stage. Past issues of the magazine have included musical acts, dramatic play excerpts, poetry readings, short film screenings, stand up comedy, and drag performances.

The upcoming issue of Live Magazine! has been curated by celebrated local musician, poet, actor, and filmmaker Allie Duff. Duff has a sense of humour that is smart without ever being smarmy, and a confident generosity on stage that makes her the perfect host for this type of talk-show style event.

Plus, as a co-founder of the long-running Spoken Word St. John’s, Duff has lots of experience putting together an entertaining evening of distinct acts.

Duff’s Live Magazine! showcase will feature Emily Carrigan, Amanda Bulman, Jana Gillis, and Thom Coombes.

Emily Carrigan is also a co-founder of Spoken Word St. John’s. Her poetry is featured in A Tracery of Trees, a prestigious anthology put together by the Poetry Institute of Canada. She recently performed spoken word poetry at Femfest and Slutwalk in St. John’s.

Amanda Bulman is a stand up comedian who founded the comedy room’s That Time of The Month and Don’t Panic in Halifax. She was the winner of 2016 WIFT-Atlantic 1K Wave Award for her documentary film The First Five Minutes, which is about amateur comedians struggling to write and perform their first five minutes of comedy.

Jana Gillis is an actor, writer, and director who has tons of experience working in film, television, and theatre. Most recently she was part of the writing team and an actor in Halfhandsome’s Sketch Comedy show “Almost Baymous.”

Thom Coombes is a prolific folk/indie rock musician who has been performing in St. John’s for almost a decade. His new album Old Stomping Grounds is coming out this spring.

Live Magazine! crams an eclectic mix of performances into one night, giving audiences a sampling of what’s happening across the city’s diverse performing arts scenes. Check out the upcoming Live Magazine! and stay tuned for future issues to keep your finger on the pulse of what the stages of St. John’s have on offer.