Latest Anti-Harper Protest Song Comes from our Very Own, Hey Rosetta (Ft. Yukon BLonde)

Newfoundland' Hey Rosetta! have just released the latest in a string of songs by Canadian musicians pleading for the removal of Harper as our leader on October 19th.

“when i was a child, i sang the anthem with pride
it stood for justice, peace, and human rights
it stood for the holy rolling hills and a home for all walks of life
and it must again, for my children, and theirs.” – From ‘Land you Love’

Newfoundland’s Hey Rosetta released the latest in a string of songs by Canadian musicians pleading for the removal of Harper as our leader on October 19th. And in true HR fashion, the video is innovative and clever.

The band, joined by their latest touring mates, BC’s Yukon Blonde, performed a fitting and country-bookending sentiment by shooting a video that syncs them via split-screen solidarity, to sing lines like “what have we lost, poisoned, or crushed? What highest hopes were stolen from us?”

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  • I’m typically to blogging and i really revere your satisfy. The article has actually peaks my interest. I’m going to bookmark your web situate and retain inspection for brand spanking original intfimaoron.

  • Well all you useless leftist motherfucks have finally got your way. You have destroyed the reputation of the best Prime Minister we have ever had and wormed an entitled, spoiled, useless piece of lieberal shit into the commanders chair. God damn you all for this destruction of this great county. If there is anything left in 4 years time, you may have opportunity to rethink the shit you all pulled today. If there is anything to be the least bit thankful for, it`s that the communists,(sorry, the ndp) have fallen even further behind. And that`s where they should stay. This is a sad day for this great country of ours. newfies have proven, once again, that they are too fucking stupid to think for themselves. And they were too fucking stupid to think for themselves. They just choose to listen to king danny once again It makes me sick to be a newfie and a Canadian today with this outcome..

    • Heh heh, lie-beral. Scott, your tears are like honey. But do keep on railing against the liberal media (despite the majority of papers endorsing the Conservatives, see:,_2015) and Cold War boogeymen (when actual Communist candidates are running in NL (with an excellent platform I might add) you look a little silly calling the NDP communist). And enjoy the next four years!!

      • Well Monroe, I know the communists are running candidates in this election. I just think them and the like minded ndp should combine because their policies are not that much different. and I hope you enjoy the next 4 years as well. Just so you can observe the total fuck that turdeau and the lieberals will inflict on this country. As for peter, I’ll se ya too. Around the time that people like you realize what a fuck you have made of this election. As for the Overcast, thank you for publishing my comments. As for hate speech, once in a while I get so wound up about politics that I say things that I don’t necessarily mean. As for saying something controversial in 2015, it doesn’t change the meaning no matter what year it is. In closing, the lefties that don’t like me can still kiss my black ass.

  • Wassamatta friends? Ran out of leftist steam? It’s just as well, because I’m about done combatting idiots online. God bless Stephen Harper and the Conservative party. I hope they win a resounding majority, but due to the lefties and communists in our midst, they probably won’t. Then we can say goodbye to the best government we have ever had and prepare to see this great country that I love, destroyed by the lefties and all the scum that comes up from the bottom when they sense an opportunity. Fuck you all very much and you best hope that you don’t get what you wish for because that would be the end of Canada as we know it. Once again, fuck you very much, Scott, the angry Conservative.

    • Scott the typical, predictable right-wing loser. Harper could kill a puppy in the streets with his bear hands while smoking crack with the Fords, and you neo-cons would find a way to justify it in your heads.

      • So I’m a loser? At least I know English. bear hands? sure you didn’t mean bare hands? And you piss and moan about Rob Ford? Your leader wants to legalise weed, and that’s all we need. So, in closing, fuck you very much for your leftist bullshit.

        • Scott: you’re welcome to publish comments on The Overcast’s website, but we’ll delete any lines that feature hate talk, like your homophobic slur in the comment above. It’s illegal to publish it, and a shame you’d say it, in 2015.

  • As usual, the lefties use all manner of bullshit to prop up their arguments. Try going into a store these days with your face covered. The comparison you made is out to lunch. You make all kinds of assumptions about white is right and I said nothing of the kind. As for right wing views being associated with low intelligence, there is no way one could find anything less intelligent than a leftist liberal.

    • And, as for the cbc, they are not exactly paragons of neutrality. Lefties, as are 90% of the media. They twist and spin each piece of information they have access to in order to steer public opinion in the direction they want.

  • But let me guess. If you had to travel to Afghanistan for work, and over there, they forced you to wear their niqabs — the reversal of the scenario, if you’re following me — you’d be appalled they’d tell you what to do right? No need to answer. I have you pegged now: They must do as we do, but not the other way around, because we’re white, and white is right. Right? In closing, as you go to bed now, think about how silly this sounds, “no one should be covering their face in public. There should actually be a law against it.” What, you’ve never warn a scarf in the winter, or put your hood up? lolz.

  • Hi my name is Scott and I don’t give a fuck who likes me or who doesn’t. But just because I can survive without a group of hangers on around me, doesn’t mean that I don’t have sense enough to be able to analyse the political landscape in Canada. And for Suzanne, who tries to shoot me down, you have said that you hate Harper. Hate is like drinking poison and expecting the other guy to die. And yes I’m somewhat bitter to see how the lefties have tried so hard to destroy this great country of ours. With their politically correctness and bullshit. And why should Harper give a shit about Newfoundland? Newfies have been spitting in his face for years thanks to the likes of king danny. As I have said before, it looks good on them. So in closing, I still don’t like hey rosetta’s music, and all you ?????? that have attacked me can kiss my ass. I stand firm in my convictions, I hope all of you have the guts to stand behind yours.

    • Hi Scott. I was hoping to engage you in a non-judgmental, and strictly cerebral conversation about how you can defend a prime minister happy to appeal to racists for their votes, the way he appealed to homophobes for votes in the 2005 campaign. My guess from you using the slanderous word, “Newfie,” and your disregard for “political correctness” means you wouldn’t care to justify Harper dividing the country? Or that you’re cool with it. But giving you the benefit of the doubt, Are you not troubled that since Harper brought up the silly Niqab debate — which has zero revelance to running the country right — that female muslims have been attacked on Canadian soil — one of whom pregnant? Or that people are painting “nigger” and “White Power” on the election signs of middle eastern Liberal or NDP MPs? I’d just like to hear your response to that. Are you comfortable with a leader inciting this, for votes? Because it wouldn’t be happening if he hadn’t appealed to “old stock” with the silliest media fenzy of the year, with all this Niqab bullshit: a clear deflection from his poor economical history.

      • No I’m not the least bit upset that Harper brought up the niqab debate. What people wear at home is completely up to them, but no one should be covering their face in public. There should actually be a law against it. This is Canada and if you want to come here an live, you adapt to our customs, not the other way around. And if you don’t want to adapt, stay where you are.

  • … Or for that matter, a country leader who would even say that he cares more about some provinces wellbeing than that of others — i.e, the provinces that vote his way. It takes a real bastard to think that’s acceptable prime ministerial behaviour. His visit to Newfoundland was shameful. A quick dart in and out of Bay Roberts, away from town where he’d be egged, and he bars media to the point CBC write an article about it. THat’s some man to be defendin’, Scott b’y.

  • I was with you, Scott, until Harper was smug enough to say “I don’t care about Newfoundland, I don’t need your vote, you only have seven seats in parliament.” How can you, as a Newfoundlander, support a man who doesn’t care about your province?

  • It’s just that you seem so bitter, Scott. And your stereotype of “granolas” as thoughtless hippies is very … Harper. You’re his pawn man: he’s taught you to think that way. Either you’re with Harper or you’re a hippie. It’s not true, I’m a straight-laced soccer mom — haven’t smoked a joint, nor protested for the environment in my life, lol. I just don’t find Harper’s morals and mine aligned. He is not a decent man. My guess is you’re a little younger, and with time you’ll see the world isn’t so black and white.

  • Hi. My name is Scott. I’m so nasty no one really, truly likes me, so I post nasty comments online to perpetuate the cycle and lash out at a world that’s never loved me back! I love Hey Rosetta. I hate Harper. I’m allowed, and you trying to correct my tastes makes you a vile, ignorant ass.

  • Scott, man, are you online at all? For weeks, all my social media feeds, and every paper in the country is running anti-Harper stuff. I’m surprised you’re surprised. And that Hey Rosetta Video has hundreds of thousands of “likes” and those people are entitled to like it, aren’t they? It’s a good song, clever video, from a band that tours the world.

  • Hey Rosetta couldn’t sing for their supper. And as usual, the overcast can’t wait to publish anti Harper propaganda. But I know you have told me that you aren’t anti Harper. Pure bullshit on your part.

    • Hi Scott. Every media body in the province has shared that video (VOCM, CBC, Etc.). And sorry if you’ve been misled, but the editor of this paper is not lying about being anti-Harper. Check out this month’s cover story. The paper, however, supports you having your own political opinions, and voting how you wish — it is not holding any ill will towards your political convictions … except where theyre uncomfortably hateful.

  • So amazing. As always, Hey Rosetta comes through with poetry, righteousness, and the song we needed to get excited to vote!! THANK YOU YUKON BLONDE AND HEY ROSETTA!

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