The Overcast’s Townie Taco Challenge ends tonight at midnight. What are you doing for supper? Let this person’s public poll entries guide you …


Sublime, subtance, crunch and spice all in one bite. 10

Mallard Cottage

Holy jumpin’ beet tortilla, trust Mallard original, loads of pork shoulder and did I mention divine house lime yogurt! Can I have some more sir? 9.5.


The only shrimp taco, and it was to cheer for, the toppings were outstanding, two of them might have won it but the turf was a let down – you can’t chew a taco! 8.0

The Social House (Fifth Ticket)

Me? I love bison, but poblano chili bison? It’s better than the real thing, just pour it in my grave. The Taco just needed one more teeth tingling topping. 9.0.


Delicious, meaty, soft avocado, a crunch like walking on frozen snow cilantro sour cream are you kidding me? 8.5.

Hungry Heart

Probably the most underrated restaurant in the city, maybe the best tortilla definitely the best piggy taco in town. 9.0.

Merchant Tavern

Toughest taco to get – only lunch – “all out” Adobada may not suit everyone but if if you want to go outside the door as Merchant does – great idea, but don’t give sides with a taco pile it on and let me give it the closed fist. 8.5.

Magnum and Steins

Felt like 4 different chefs had thrown something in -all good – but not sure there was a plan 7.0


They were out of shells! so lettuce leaves, oh well but what a symphony of toppings the aioli [strings] avocado [percussion] cilantro [brass] tried chicken and tofu both good conductors. 8.0.


It’s a burger in a shell, sometimes that’s all you need. 6.0.

St. John’s Fish Exchange

Newfoundland Sunday dinner in a taco shell just doesn’t work especially “au jus” keep the Newfoundland out of the Mexico. 5.5.

Chinched Bistro

For me the let down here was the shell the crispy ones just shatter, I like to roll and squeeze, but the pork carnita oh man! 6.5.

Celtic Heath

cooking fish has to be done so delicately, sorry this was a little like eating wet sponge and the grilled pineapple? 4.5.

Blue on Water

“Will there be anything else sir?” “Yes the same again please” Fresh fish with zing. 9.5.

Bernard Stanley’s

Chorizo hmmm there maybe better sausage for tacos like crumbled Italian but the toppings were yum. 8.0.