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“I always let people go ahead of me in the lineup so I can be last in line. That way, she’s not rushed in serving me, and we can talk a little, because I have such a huge crush on her. I can’t tell if that’s creepy of me or not. She doesn’t even know my name. It’s Adam, and I love all of your freckles so much.” – Adam

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  • I wouldn’t call that creepy, having a crush is completely normal, but if I could offer any advice, it would be to tread very lightly. Approaching a crush at their job is bad news, they have to serve customers so they cant just duck away if they’re uncomfortable, or have to explain that they’re either seeing someone, or not interested, in front of a crowd of people. I speak from experience, I approached my crush at her job, was politely told that she wasn’t interested, and also that she was weirded out by me approaching her at her job. That may not happen to you of course, but it stings extra hard if she’s not interested, and you feel like you’ve put her on the spot, and you have to find a new spot for your morning coffee to avoid awkwardness.

    Fingers crossed that you run into her in a more neutral scenario where you can broach the subject. I’ve been there, I know how you feel, the cute person at the coffee shop, always makes your day just to see them and chat if only for a second about your order, butterflies in the stomach, all normal and awesome, but St. John’s is small enough that you will likely run into this person at some point. Hope you do.

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