The converted warehouse in Mount Pearl where Landwash Brewery makes its home has as bright, open, and welcoming a taproom as one could imagine.

It’s a credit to any young brewer to make such savvy use of space, but the question remains as to why anyone would want to take on a behemoth of blank space when the option of beautiful old character filled buildings abound, providing some built in ambiance from the get go. For some really good reasons, it turns out.

Co-owners Chris Conway, Christina Coady, and Jennifer Defreyne are looking a lot farther than just the end of their own brew line. Jenifer is an engineer from Ontario, and Manager Chris and Head Brewer Christina are two Newfoundlanders with extensive brewing history in Toronto. The Landwash team is all about the craft beer industry in Newfoundland, and helping to grow it. So firstly, their generously sized home gives them room to become a hub.

Market saturation is not a fear on their mind. Craft beer in Newfoundland garners less of the market than in other regions, and availability is one reason why. So there is still lots of room for growth, and Landwash wants to help make that happen.

Due to the vast space they occupy, they can order and store necessary supplies from the mainland. Not just for themselves, but  ingredients that can help everyone keep brewing if the ferry doesn’t run, demand spikes quickly, or any other reason a brewer might find themselves in a pinch.

They’ve given Saucy Mouth food truck a winter home too, it is parked inside the building, and they plan on some great cold weather social events like Ales and Asanas style yoga classes in the warm, relaxing taproom, which seats about 50.

The simple grace of the room echoes the beers Landwash brews. They currently offer a modest, elegant selection of four core beers: One Wave (blonde ale), That Much Ocean (NEIPA), Hazures’ Rock (breakfast stout) and Brackish Sour Ale with Newfoundland Sea Salt . Beer geeks are already placing Brackish amongst the best of local brews, but each of these four is a high quality, approachable and delicious, offering.

Landwash also has rotating taps to showcase the best of what other local breweries are making, plus interesting fermented beverages like kombucha from the St. John’s Fermentary. Growlers and cans of Landwash brew are available for take  away.

If you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see happen at the taproom, feel free to let Chris and Christina know. The friendly, outgoing and pair are passionate about craft beer on the island, and seem set to become Mount Pearls local ambassadors, raising craft beer awareness in a community centered space.