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If you haven’t seen the ads and posters around town for this wittily titled showcase, The Knit Fast Dye Yarn exhibition kicks off this week.

Senior students of CONA’s Textiles Program, for craft & apparel, have created a ton of “one of a kind garments, intricately embellished accessories, and elaborate fibre art pieces.” You can preview these works, before the official exhibition, at The LSPU Hall on Wednesday May 28th at 7:30pm.

In addition to the two-week exhibition, where you can see and buy some of these students’ work, there will also be a graduate fashion show at this event Wednesday night. It will showcase all the “innovative designs and impressive handmade garments created by the graduating class of the textiles program. Models will strut down the runway in handmade seal skin coats, naturally dyed and screen printed dresses, hand knit monster wigs, and other magnificent garments and accessories.”

According to a recent press release, “many of the pieces are hand dyed using a variety of intriguing techniques from Turkish marbling, to Japanese katazome, to silk painting. Some students have taken traditional techniques like knitting and weaving and incorporated them into their contemporary art pieces to create a 28-foot naturally-dyed and machine knit Minke whale, a conceptual weaving piece that portrays the space of a ‘missing’ human form, and a hand-dyed, knit sculpture of a St. John’s row house, to name a few.”

This year’s graduate exhibition will run for two weeks, from May 31st to June 14th at the Anna Templeton Centre. Swing by 12-6 on Saturdays through Wednesdays, or 12-8 on Thursdays and Fridays.

The exhibition opening will take place on May 31st from 2-4. There will be refreshments, special guest speakers, and live music by Dan Ficken.

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Other Events:

Fashion boutique and cocktail party on June 5th at 7pm
“Leisurely browse all the amazing handmade garments you saw on the runway and find the perfect addition to your wardrobe.”

Free School on June 7th
“Take part in a series of informal workshops throughout the day. The event is child friendly, and open to people of all experience levels who are interested in learning some new skills, textile related and beyond.”

Exhibition closing day on June 14th
Enjoy tapas-style plates and refreshing summer beverages while you take this last chance to wander through the exhibition.

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