Young Manics have been playing around town a while now, with a distinct breed of radio-friendly rock, notable for its quality instrumentation and song craftsmanship.

Kenneth J. Harvey, internationally acclaimed author turned prolific local filmmaker, recently shot a video for “Happiness Kills” by Young Manics. He’s got three more local music videos in the works. “I am trying to make some quality music videos in Newfoundland,” he says, because he feels “they are the single most powerful device for promoting music. People watch songs now, while listening.”

Harvey has been lobbying MusicNL and the East Coast Music Association to offer awards for music videos. “They are truly missing the point with not having them.”

Music videos are a lot of work, especially in their editing, but cutting is something Harvey enjoys about the process. A fact that perhaps reflects his origins as an author. “It’s a lot of work to make a proper music video. However, in the end it’s worth it.”