Just So We’re Clear

“Just so we’re clear, a bunch of white bayman can violently protest outside of DFO and kick windows in, break property of the government!, and they won’t be charged. But Beatrice Hunter, an indigenous woman, peacefully tells a judge, no, I won’t stay away from the Muskrat project area, and she is put in a MALE prison immediately, stripped searched, humiliated? Give me a break we’re not racist bullies, how is this fair?” – Humanity Itself

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  • I agree about the racist and sexist dual standards but still think it’s cool that some windows got broken.

  • Two types of justice : one for the white and western people, and a completely different one made up for the aboriginals where they’re only given a slap on the wrist “because colonialism”. They don’t pay taxes, don’t recognize the government and borders, and expect us to pay for it all. One law for all Canadians! Cut them loose, no more tax funds!

  • Let me guess: you’re female, about 26-30, white, have a liberal arts BA (gender studies or sociology probably but possibly not even finished yet), and have half the side of your head shaved. You’re probably a bit over 175lbs despite not being able to afford a car.

    • Let me guess, you’re between 25-35, male, drive a white pick up truck, wear sunglasses at all times, regardless of how cloudy it is, in a borderline obscene amount of debt, think that theres a war on Christmas, work in the oil industry and equate having trucks, quads, TVs, the newest smartphone with “putting food on the table.”

      • Male, 35, own four bicycles and a Subaru. I don’t work in o&g and don’t own a quad or sled. I have two applied science degrees (B.Sc and M.Sc) and make ballpark 100 grand a year with zero debt on the books. Christians are at least as bad as Muslims, and they should all f*** off somewhere far away from me. Good try though.

      • Fuck the natives, let them rot. Goddamn waste of money. Let them work to pay for their skidoos and rifles and pickup trucks. They don’t pay taxes yet we throw money at them to solve their self-inflicted problems. If they want to live off the land, they don’t need our guns or sleds because that’s cultural appropriation of European technology. Tax dollars are more valuable than a throw away to appease the SJWs white guilt from hundreds of years ago.

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