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“MUN’s $700 dinner bill for feeding nine people is actually impressively reasonable. I can’t go on a date for less than $150 (share an app or two, get a meal and drink each), so, $75 a person x 9 persons is roughly $700. And I doubt they do that on the regular? Any corporation has an Entertainment line in its accounting (my family’s business does). You can’t disdain numbers out of context. Your desire, St. John’s, to spit venom, isn’t always reasonable. A few big dinner bills a year certainly seems lavish, in a big bold CBC headline, but it’s all part of doing business and staying relevant. Stay relevant, MUN!” – Student Okay With It 

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  1. Student Not Okay With It on

    I’m not so sure about that last comment. There is a much bigger picture happening at MUN, so the original post sounds a little ass-backwards to me.

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