Since the release of their 2014 RPM album, and a new album this summer as well, Family Video have emerged as a new local favourite. Their female-led, semi-nugaze sound is certainly their own too, as far as the local music scene goes: we needed a band like this.

Family video are Jam King flanked by Noah Bender (who contributes some unassuming but impressive guitar work to add a nice jolt of life to the songs) and Jake Nicoll on drums (mostly), who also did a great job recording the album in a manner befitting of the genre.

To follow up their last music video — which featured many familiar faces skating around the Bannerman Park look — they’ve recently released the video above, shot by Jonathan Kennedy.

“Jam and I had talked about making a video for Family Video a little while back,” Kennedy says, “but it was one of those things that took a while to come together. The only concept I had in mind when we were getting ready to shoot was Jam singing along to a tape player and Jake and Noah just screwing around in the background. (If you pay attention, the tape player is empty, which is a commentary about the artifice of making a music video … or maybe we forgot to bring a tape, I don’t remember.)”

His vision worked, it’s a nice video, suits the song, introduces you to the band, and it’s fun to watch things culminate in Jake seemingly getting stuck in a tree, and Noah fall out of one. It was Jam’s idea to “go to this little abandoned house that was en route to the airport, because we were also on our way to pick up Jake’s brother Billy.”

They shot a few different things there: the windows shot, Jam sitting amongst the flowers while Jake and Noah climbed trees, the tire race.

“While we were picking up Billy I decided to pick up a few guerilla shots of everyone greeting him and then I snagged that great shot of the old man lighting up his cigarette, which is probably my favourite shot in the whole thing.”