The Thymes — Jeremy Rice, Gene Browne, Chris Donnelly, and Leon White — debuted the new video for their song “Lobotomy” at The Nickel Film Festival last week. “It was great be accepted,” Rice says, of getting a music video into the film festival, “especially given the caliber of local films we’ve seen this year. There’s a lot of talent packed into this little part of the world. It’s inspiring to have a place in it – most days.”

“Lobotomy” will be on their album due out this summer, and the song is reason enough to anticipate that album (titled Car Songs, by the way). A video struck Rice as a good first step in building some anticipation around their upcoming release. “Plus, these days everybody defaults to Youtube for a music player anyways, so you might as well fit the medium if you can.”

While this DIY video is impressive, Rice talks like there was nothing to the making of it. ““Like recording music, making videos has become pretty easily accessible. Independent artists are taking advantage of this everywhere. All you need is a decent idea and a bit of planning, and you can have something very cool on your hands … or maybe it sucks, but hopefully you had fun and you’ll do better the next time.”

On making the video

“I started experimenting with some hand-drawn images, threw them together on a computer, et voila! I mean the film didn’t build itself, but I never felt I was racking my brain to make it come together – as is often the case with projects I undertake.”

On the album

“We’re pretty excited for the release of Car Songs. A lot of time and effort went into this record and I really think it shows. It’ll be nice to finally share it with everyone. We’re actually holding a listening party on July 18th at The Levee. It’ll be followed by a show featuring us, Another North, and a super secret special guest.  We’ll keep you posted on that.”