It’ll Grow Back, B’y, Won’t It?

“I’d been dating this guy I really like, but, I’m not into beards. Too scratchy. I thought it’d be funny to shave off his beard as he slept. He woke up midway. He didn’t think so. He called me a crazy bitch knowing I hate that word, and then he called me a mean bitch and seemed really sad. Are men really that attached to their beards?” – Edwina Scissor Hands

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  • Of course it will grow back – it’s hair. But, lets try a vague role reversal here – if he did something to your body, without permission, while you slept – how would you feel waking up halfway through this unconsented act? Quite upset I would imagine. But hey, I guess when a woman does something demeaning to a man because they don’t like his physical appearance – he should just “be a man” about it, right? In his moment of disbelief, I think “crazy bitch” was rather polite of him.

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