Temples album cover

Tonight at The Ship, one of the most unique bands this city has seen in a long time is set to play their first live show. They’ll be joined by The Pathological Lovers, and Bandits, at The Ship. Enjoy the interview below.

Tonight’s show is your band’s debut, how did the band come together?

Temples was actually born in 2011 when a couple of song ideas emerged with a really different sound. A close friend of mine Jon Fitzgerald and I recorded an RPM album under that monicker in 2012 and it kinda took off from there. There’s been a lot of writing since then and of course finding the members we have today, which are like family. Tonight will be our first show as a unit after many months of hard work put in. I’m vox and guitar, Chad Murphy plays guitar, Tony McNeil on bass, Jason MacDonald on Keys, and Nathan Day on drums.

This is very original, distinctive music. What kind of influences have made you make songs like these?

We certainly have retro sounds and tones, but many current bands and artists have influenced the writing process for us. Radiohead, Tame Impala, Grizzly Bear, M83 … these are a lot of the bands I’ve been listening to while writing for Temples. But The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and The Beach Boys are all over our sound also. It’s a mix of new and old, which kinda makes it retro futuristic, but that’s not a genre yet … or is it? Lol. We love Rock, Pop, Electronic, Psychedelic and from song to song you hear something a little different yet cohesive to the sound as a whole.

If I bent your arm for a favourite song off the album? Any reason?

We all have favorites, but I’m usually always feeling the newest on the set list. “Sky Bright” and “Measurements in Days” are fun to play live. They all kinda strike different moods so you usually gravitate to the song your feeling at the time.

What’s next, after tonight’s debut?

We are recording a full length album in the coming months, some videos, as well as a live show at a special location with some other great local bands. We are planning some more local shows and will be doing some shows out of province in the summer.

Join the band’s facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MusicofTemples