Sunday the 5th, from 11-6, at the Arts & Culture Centre, both “local and immigrant food and craft vendors” will set up booths to sell their unique food and crafts at the Festival. Many countries will be represented from around the world including: India, Jamaica, Argentina, Egypt, Pakistan, Nigeria, China, Canada, Belarus, Morocco, Iran, Trinidad, Cuba, Haiti, Cameroon, Turkey, Indonesia, U.S.A., Thailand and Ethiopia.

Throughout the day a Multicultural variety show will be happening, including appearances by artists like: Andy Jones, Bollywood Jig, Highland Dance, The Royal Scottish Dance Society, Association for New Canadians, Mary Barry, Hadi Milanloo, Evelyn Osborne, Tanglecove, Neil & Terri Rosenberg, Rogues, Mary-Lynn Bernard, Monique Tobin, Kat McLevey, Hannah Wadman-Scanlan, Drum Circle/Tom Alteen and Inuit Drumming Group.

The force behind the festival is Zainab Jerrett, Executive Director of the Tombolo Multicultural Festival. She’s from Nigeria, and came here to attend grad school at MUN in 1992. ” I didn’t know I would stay here this long,” she says. “I planned to go home to teach.” She’s been working with Tombolo since 2009. In 2011 she essentially took over the festival, grew it, and incorporated as a non-profit.

What else are you gonna do on a Sunday? Come out, eat, eat some more, check out some entertainment, and eat again.