A year ago, organizers of the annual In Her Name vigil issued a call for the creation of a provincial task force on gender-based violence.

The crowd listened as one by one, 117 names of our province’s missing and murdered women and girls were read aloud from the steps of the Colonial Building.

Through historical research, tips from the public, and family members of those who have been lost to violence, this year’s list has now grown to include the names of 136 women and girls.

The tables below speak for themselves on incidences of violent crimes perpetrated against indigenous women in our country.


1273 families and survivors have shared their truths for the National Inquiry into Missing/Murdered Indigenous.

Today’s in Her Name vigil will rally once more for action. The vigil will take place at 6:30 in front of the Colonial Building at 90 Military Road in St. John’s.

Jenelle Duval of Eastern Owl and Colleen Power will perform live music.

Amelia Reimer, Cultural Support Coordinator of the St. John’s Native Friendship Centre, says “In light of the ongoing National Inquiry into Missing/Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission recommendations, and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, it is extremely important to continue to shine a light on the violence Indigenous women face in this country.

“Indigenous women continue to experience violence at a much higher rate than non-Indigenous women. At the In Her Name vigil, we will come together as a province to remember all women and girls that have lost their lives to this violence, and we honour and respect that we are all ‘Sisters in Spirit,’ both Indigenous and non-Indigenous.”

The St. John’s Status of Women Council received support from Department of Justice Canada’s Victims and Survivors of Crime Week fund to establish an In Her Name Healing Garden at the St. John’s Women’s Centre this past summer. Families and loved ones now have a place to gather and remember not just at the vigil, but throughout the year.