The cop who asks a rape victim if she’d been drinking has entirely missed the point.

Saying, “Oh you can’t take a joke,” implies that belittling women in the workplace is funny.

Web story commentators on rape trials who think 3 women are less reliable than 1 man.

People who comment on the way a woman was dressed before she was assaulted, but would never comment on the clothing choices of the cashier who was just robbed.

The man who can’t just order his beer or salmon without that look he’s giving the waitress. You’re not flattering her, you’re being cliché.

No one likes the boss who calls men assertive when they get emotional, but calls women emotional when they get assertive.

I shouldn’t have to explain why a rape joke isn’t funny. You should have to explain why it is.

Internet pornography has taught you to be a horrible lover who doesn’t really get the point of intimacy.

I used to be young enough to think I had to laugh along to keep my superior’s respect, and my job.

Generally speaking, catcalling triggers fear in a woman, not flattery. They don’t know you or your intentions, and a staggering number of women have been assaulted by people who felt entitled to their bodies and personal space.

I’m sorry you’re right there aren’t enough women appearing on the cover of this magazine.

It shouldn’t be easier and safer to laugh at your boss’s advances because you need the job to keep your kid in the nicer diapers.