“As a 26 year old ‘millennial,’ I recognize the world I was born into is different than that of Generation X or the baby boomers, and so I listen to them about things I might not know about, to be a more well-rounded individual and learn and grow. But I’m getting sick of all the down-talking that we 20-something millenials are lazy and wayward. It’s uncalled for, assumes we WANT to live like you did, and it also ignores all the wrong these supposedly more enlightened generations have bestowed upon us. I was born into a crappy world BECA– USE OF Generation X and the boomer generation. The world I know is one of a Trump presidency, social inequity and continued intolerance, really uninformed people believing everything they hear, a world on the brink of environmental catastrophe, a political system hellbent on popular opinion over doing the right (long-term) thing, continued power in the hands of profit-driven industries that are destroying our food and medicines, and I could go on and on and on about the world you supposedly better generations have built for me. Please keep some of this in mind when you call my generation the crappy one. I feel we’re much more socially conscious, empathetic, old school, and forward-thinking than most boomers, to be honest.” – A Millennial