Mental Heath.

Acceptance is important. So is knowledge, empathy, awareness.

But seriously. How many buzzfeed posts can you read and how my status updates can you write and how many more things will you miss out on because you’re feeling too anxious and depressed to get off your cowardly ass and do something about it.

I’m not degrading this epidemic. It’s devastating that so many people are crippled by depression. I’m not saying i’m more depressed than you are and that anxiety isn’t a daily hurdle that can sometimes take me down like red rover at the idea of leaving the house. I have been admitted, I have spent 2 years in recovery, I have turned mine and my family’s world upside down by succumbing to the evil thoughts in my head. I have struggled, I still struggle.

Now here’s the thing. Feeling anxious isn’t the end of the word. You may not realize it, but thankfully you can take some comfort in the fact that practise and effort can make daily life more liveable. Rubbing other people’s problems in your face and pushing yours into theirs (on the internet of all god damn places) might serve as a brief and easy relief but it’s far from a cure. It’s just making everyone think that IT IS WHAT IT IS. Like I’m depressed so I will call into work sick and stay in bed watching netflix. I’m anxious so I won’t make that important phone call about my student loan that I can’t pay off. A student loan that paid for schooling that never got me a job because I let depression scream at me so loud that I couldn’t hear my instructors and I lost interest in my field.

Yeah that IS WHAT IT IS, but it’s not how it has to be.

Be courageous, grow the fuck up and get off your high horse (I understand I am currently sitting on a high horse). You’re not special. None of us are. If you want to be special, apparently actually trying to maintain good mental health may be the only thing keeping you from meeting the criteria. You’re much bigger than whatever is going on in your head. There are thoughts, words, and actions. Thoughts being neatly irrelevant to real life and actions being the most effective and meaningful in real life. Buzzfeed and ‘sharing’ can easily be mistaken for an action, but it’s truly just laziness and you’ve clearly given up before even attempting to beat the ailment that is affecting so many of us. In a way it degrades those of us who have struggled and decided to beat it rather than accept it.

If you were truly struggling, truly tormented, wouldn’t your human reaction be to try to get better? Not soaking in self pity and sadness while grabbing at any one that will empathize with you. Feeding the idea that yeah you’re anxious, but let’s just get drunk and consider not going to class tomorrow. Sadness is subjective. You may feel disabled. But you’re actually disabling yourself. While at the same time taking advantage of issues that you don’t have the courage to take on.

Who the fuck do I think I am, right? A preaching, big headed, self righteous and brazen bitch hiding behind an anonymous blog. Just hear me out though. You can beat it. Your rational thoughts can bitch slap your low self esteem and daily doubts. You just have to practise and learn to hear them. Commit some time to it and work hard. Do some meaningful research about psychologists, read their books. Set aside your pride and your laptop and read a self help book. Pull yourself out of the miserable sack that is your Facebook newsfeed and do something that actually has a result. Stay focused. Trust someone besides the tormenting voice in your head. You’ve been listening to it for a while, I bet. I bet if hasn’t gotten you very far. Has it? Clean your house, eat well, keep smoking dope but not THAT much dope. Stop judging people. Love yourself even if you hate yourself. Fake it till you make it.

We can’t all ‘get help,’ but we can all help ourselves. You’re better than this.