When you think “organic and vegan,” it’s usually a farmers market that first comes to mind, but right in the heart of rugged Bonavista, a little apothecary shop is creating all natural soaps and skincare products with ingredients right from The Rock’s own natural bounty.

From the moment you walk through the door at East Coast Glow, the scents of peppermint, citrus, and wildflowers makes you feel immediately tranquil and relaxed. Owner Karen Dewling, along with her husband, Roger, handcraft all skincare products on-site in small batches, using handmade tools and molds provided by Karen’s father.

Karen began her art of soap crafting to help with her daughter’s skin condition, using organic and all natural ingredients. She is now producing quality skin care essentials for locals and tourists alike, while sticking to natural Newfoundland elements. Wild local plants, sea salt, and iceberg water are used in most of the formulas; they also produce unique iceberg water hydrosols from plants native to the province.

The main products are cold process soaps (which take up to 4 weeks to cure!) along with lotions, sea salt bombs, and clay masks.

Dewling also has a charcoal selection in her line, which clarifies and detoxifies the skin without over-drying; and as an added bonus, it doesn’t contain all those nasty parabens and fragrances found in most soaps. They even have a soap made with Unsea, or as most of us call it, “old man’s beard,” which is that fuzzy green stuff you put over your face and Instagram while you’re gone for a trot in the woods.

Dewling’s husband, Roger, is a professional chef who has helped organize some major culinary events in the province and is an instructor at the CNA Bonavista campus. His connections in the culinary community have been a huge help in sourcing local, fresh ingredients.

Next to be released for the team, is the “Port Rexton Beer Soap,”, which contains locally made brew from the soon-to-be-opened (and highly anticipated) Port Rexton Brewing company.

The shop is one of six new businesses recently opened in downtown Bonavista, on historic Church Street. Bonavista Living and Bonavista Creative is a company that preserves and restores heritage buildings to rejuvenate and promote the traditional culture of the area.

“We’re all like one big family,” says Dewling of their fellow new shop owners. “We feel like we’re all in this together. It’s a great support network and we are always checking in on each other to see how everyone is doing.”

The beautiful and rustic look of the building adds the perfect touch to the shop, which highlights a fresh, minimalistic style in its store front.

So if you plan on taking a day trip around the bay, head to Bonavista,  check out some amazing  scenery, and stop into East Coast Glow on 43 Church Street. Or, if heading west of the overpass isn’t on the agenda, check them out online at www.eastcoastglownl.com, and Instagram: @eastcoastglow.

Article by intern Kayla Noseworthy