I See You

“I see you, pretending that you care about the issues all of a sudden, now that you need our support (but it’s funny that I never saw you before). I see you trying fruitlessly to establish opinions that you think are right, that you think won’t alienate anybody, and I see you failing. I see you on social media, suddenly displaying a wholesome, neutral, white-bread, phony image. I see you publicly standing proud as a feminist when privately you are anything but. I see you, and I’m sick of it.” – Citizen

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  • Feminism isn’t an elitist secret club house. & referring to anyone as a waste of life likely doesn’t mesh well with your ideology either. Protip: block the person and stop following them on social media or create dialogue with them.

  • Questions for you. Do you actually know this person/have you ever engaged with them as a person or are you going off hear say/limited interactions where maybe the situation might not have been the best? Because this reads like a personal bias.

    Also, let’s try some perspective taking: What if this person actually isn’t white? and are you using white-bread for a synonym for ‘basic’ then it’s safe to assume that you’re not like ‘other girls’ If you are using to describe a person’s wealth how do you know that they aren’t on income support or struggling otherwise?

    How do you know they weren’t an ‘active’ feminist before in their own way, or if issues like lack of education, disability, mental illness and/or resources may have limited their ability to participate? Or if members of your own close-knit community could have made them feel isolated or unwelcome?

    Also, it could mean they actually do need feminism, are at risk and benefit from organizations like: the Women’s Center, Stella Bury, Native Friendship Center and are not a academic feminist/do not have that privilege. And are learning.

    Your feminism lacks compassion, critical analysis and assumes the worst of people.

  • Well it’s a sight better than cowardly calling them out on here. Confront them if you’re that fucking irritated instead of being passive aggressive.

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