I like the 3rd Mayoral Candidate, but …


“Sharpe is an amazing force in our community. But can she explain to you right now about zoning laws and Robert’s Rules for chairing a meeting? Who in city staff does what? She’s not ready to run a city, let alone a council meeting. No one hires a CEO out of the gates, they have to work their way up to the top. Sadly, all she’s going to do is strip away votes for NOT ANY WELLS by downtown hipster kids that would have otherwise gone to Danny Breen, thereby helping Andy Wells become mayor by splitting the NOT ANDY WELLS vote.” – Sorry to Say It 

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  1. It’s too early to be worried about vote splitting, and I think you are overestimating the importance of the “downtown hipster kid” vote. We had fringe candidates in the last two elections as well, and they never managed to make any significant impact on the overall result. Frankly I would just ignore Renee Sharpe, she doesn’t seem to be taking this too seriously herself.

  2. realistically, she doesn’t have a chance – which she is aware of unless she’s sleep walking. a council seat would have been a better option, and maybe a mayoral run next time around. it’s a shame really, she’s biting off more than she can chew.

  3. I speculate that a lot of Sharpe’s motivation in putting herself forward is to try to get us beyond the old boys club that made up this dangerously useless council. Why would she support Breen, how is he different from the other old white men in charge? Seriously, make the case, something beyond the fact he’s not Wells or O’Keefe, or Trump or Hitler.

  4. While I do think her motivation is more to shake up the race and inject some boldness into the conversation than to seriously vie for mayor, I think you are overestimating how much your average councillor knows about things like zoning laws.

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