The empty red building near Nautical Nellie’s on Water Street — abandoned quite a while ago by Taj Mahal restaurant — will be the new home of Mustang Sally’s — a random buffet of goodness that once occupied the space Chinched Bistro is in now. In its heyday, it was a late-night food favourite.

There’s no word yet on when it’ll re-open there, the only news to report is that they’ve applied to open shop in that space, and they’ve been given the go ahead. A more complete story will follow in our September issue.

For anyone who doesn’t recall Mustang Sally’s, here’s a Yelp review, “Patrons line up for nachos, stir-fry, and wraps. The selling-point is that you get to mix and match your own toppings, and nothing is off limits. Red cabbage on your nachos? Corn? Why not! Then you get to pick your sauce from the various bottles lined up on the counter. I suggest Sally’s Secret Sauce — it’s sweet and tangy. Everything is done right in front of you, including the grilling process. You know how often there’s too many nachos and not even toppings? Exact opposite problem here. Mustang’s is open late, so get your post-drinking grub here. I’ve yet to find better nachos.”