It’s September, so there’s still time to make a few summer memories by going on an all-American road trip. This site plots the travels of more than a dozen classic travel novels. To be included, a book needed to have a narrative arc matching the chronological and geographical arc of the trip it chronicles. So, you can take a 17-day journey on motorcycle from Minnesota to Northern California with Robert M. Pirsig and his kid, à la Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Or you can cruise throughout the South with Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty, On the Road-style, looking for kicks.


Do you obsess over furniture arrangement? Do you always have a nagging feeling that the layout isn’t quite right? Icovia is a powerful online interactive room planner that allows you to plan your living spaces by arranging furniture to make sure it fits, by experimenting with various layouts.

The application is similar to the ones used on home design shows like Love It or List It, where designers break down walls and sling furniture with a flick of the stylus.

The drag-and-drop interface is slick, so you can easily insert placeholders for furniture for every room in the house. These items can be easily adjusted to their actual dimensions, allowing you to determine whether a certain piece of furniture will fit in your room. You can also include features like doors and windows, as well as wiring details like outlets and speakers.

In the end, if it looks like garbage, you can just hit reset to start again, instead of having to lug all of your furniture back into position and apologizing to your roommates.


Netflix’s search function is one of life’s mysteries: a few of the usual suspects (usually including “The Usual Suspects”) float to the top and are always Trending, or Popular on Facebook, or a recommended Witty Television Show. Others are buried forever, never to be browsed. This site helps you find the newest releases (and highest rated) that Netflix Canada (and other international sites) has to offer. If the site isn’t your cup of tea, try the similar