AirConsole (
Play games on the big screen using your phone as the controller

AirConsole turns your smartphone into a gamepad and almost any screen you’ve got (PC, Mac, SmartTV or tablet) into a game system. Neat!

Everything is web-based, so no extra hardware is required. Once you’re connected, AirConsole allows you to enjoy a huge selection of games, including a Bomberman clone, a polygon racer, a quiz game, an NES emulator, and more.

It’s a teensy bit buggy, but the coolness of it all is enough to forgive any hiccups in functionality, and your smartphone automatically adapts to fit the control scheme of each game. Bonus: Users can play multiplayer games anywhere too.

Fiverr (
Odd jobs for five bucks 

Fiverr lets users sell their creative or professional services at the fixed rate of five bucks a pop.  Gigs start at $5 (and Fiverr takes a $1 fee). Buyers pay Fiverr for orders in advance. Fiverr credits sellers once an order is completed. It’s as quick and clean as everything should be online.

You can search for what you need, or you can browse the categories (including Design, Writing & Translation, Music & Audio, Fun & Bizarre and more). Draw you as a cartoon? Five bucks. Post 200 of your flyers at the University of Arizona? Five bucks. Remove a gypsy curse? Five bucks. That’s a deal at twice the price! (
Find successfully crowdfunded items for sale

Kickstarter campaigns are great at pointing out an inconvenience in your life and suggesting an innovative and elegant solution, and helping small businesses explode on social media.

The problem is this: that solution is usually only in the prototype phase, and production is at least a year away, and the small business’ 15 seconds of fame is over by the time their amazing product is available for sale. Bummer. So, of course, you forget about it. created a long-term home for these innovative, beautiful, creative products — everything from the Handleband (the universal smartphone bar mount to your bike’s handlebars, $21.30) to the Petcube (watch, talk, and play laser games with your pets through the mobile app anytime, anywhere, $176.13).