At this very second, there are hippos lounging on the banks of a watering hole in Kenya… and you can watch them! explore is a multimedia organization that creates video documentaries and photographic essays on non-profit organizations around the world. Explore combines grantmaking and filmmaking as tools to educate and inspire. That’s all well and good, but the real appeal is the variety of live, currently broadcasting cams from around the world. From coral reefs in the Caymans to the nursery at a therapy dog training centre in Maryland. As I write this, there’s a mother golden lab cleaning her new pups in the nursery. Visitors can explore a wide range of topics— animal rights, health, UFOs and space, the environment, spirituality — by watching the world live, in real time. There’s also the Golden Hour channel, a special presentation of sunrises and sunsets brought to you in real time from around the globe. It might be a quarter to four in the afternoon in St. John’s, but it’s one minute to sunrise in Fiji, and you can watch it in glorious HD.



The site runners at Worn on TV painstakingly search for exact (or close-to-exact) matches for TV-worn outfits, and post their findings online. They also include links to where to find the clothes online, often with cheaper alternatives so you can get the same look at less cost. The site is searchable by network, show, episode, or character. So, if Mindy Lahiri is your spirit animal, you’re in luck. Alternatively, you can identify all of the dresses of Claire Underwood from House of Cards (each one more frosty and imperious than the last). There’s also menswear, from Abed’s endless supply of Threadless tees on Community to Don’s sad blue pajamas on Mad Men.



Oh No, Ross and Carrie! is a podcast distributed by the Maximum Fun network. The hosts (Ross Blocher and Carrie Poppy) investigate claims about spirituality, fringe science, religion, and the paranormal, then discuss their findings on the show. Ross and Carrie have investigated an amazing array of religious groups, fringe science claims, and alternative medicine modalities, including Christian Science, dowsing, and Reiki healing. They’ve gone undercover at Ordo Templi Orientis (the “Satanic sex cult”), visited the Tony Alamo compound (home to the evangelical cult of a currently-incarcerated sex offender), and got baptized into the Mormon church and the Raëlian UFO religion. ONRaC is light on snark — the hosts make great efforts to use inclusive language and open minds when investigating. Even goofy junk like the “Flex Belt” (an Electrical Muscle Stimulation device that supposedly tones and firms your abs) gets a fair shake. I still can’t listen to the acupuncture episode, because I love me some acupuncture.

Article by Lauren Power