When The Once agreed to adapt a version of Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend” for their friends’ wedding, they had no idea the song would A.) Make it onto one of their albums, and B.) End up on the top 100 chart all the way over in South Korea.

That song now has 2.5 million Youtube hits, and as of this week, more than a million listens on Spotify.

Their friends Jill Kieley and Don Ellis (local arts heroes in their own rights) asked them to sing the song at their wedding.

“We gave it a go and folked it up for them,” Geraldine Hollett says. Had they not been asked to do so, and had they not said yes, the song never would have been recorded for their 2011 album, Row Upon Row of the People We Know.

“When we needed another song on our sophomore album, we thought, Don is our engineer, so why not? It would be nice to have it ‘on paper’ for them whenever they wanted to listen to it,” Geri says.

They shot a video of the song with Heavy Weather. “It’s crazy really, how far a song can go,” she says. “And you never know where it will land. It made its way into a TV show in Korea, called It’s Ok That’s Love. The show is on Netflix right now.”

The show is huge in South Korea, and people loved the song, so Geraldine credits the show for a lot of the traction the song has received, and for its appearance on the top 100 chart in Korea.

“It’s definitely because of that TV show, “she says, “though it’s crazy how many people in NL have used the song in their wedding. A couple got engaged to it at one of our live shows.”

Another of their songs is halfway to a million Spotify plays too, a real standout track from their latest album,  “Gonna Get Good.” The Once will be announcing their annual Christmas show dates for St. John’s soon.