“I Just Want Wins,” shot largely in The Fifth Ticket and Aladdin’s Hookah Lounge, is a collaboration between DJ Nomad (Beat/production) and local spoken word artist Timo Sargent. The song was recorded by Dylan Rose, and the video shot by Brandon Keats, D’Avontai Moore, Ifenna Okeke and Lian Morrison.

“Timo and I met through another local collaborator of his, Madus Mardella,” says Nomad. “We never really connected until he heard some stuff I put out, and we began talking , and eventually met. He actually threw down a few bars right in front of me on our first meeting over a beat I made, it was quite impressive. He writes really quickly, and that makes me want to work quickly too. So we go through a lot of different drafts of potential songs all the time now. “
“We started working on the song while we were finishing up our last record (which was also our first record together) Let Me Talk To Em (Elvis). This was around the beginning of November. We got really excited about the sound and the hook that he wrote for “I just want wins.'”
“We decided to take our time on it because on Elvis, we started and completed everything in about a week, then recorded it, and put it out not too long after that. So on Wins, we went through a 3-4 versions of lyrics, until we were really happy, then finally recorded it.”
“However, we weren’t happy with the sound of the vocal recording, so we recorded it again, but at another location, and after that we were proud of the product we had, so I mixed everything together , and we got it mastered (Schematic Sound, Toronto).”
“During this time we started filming footage out and around downtown. After Christmas , the Fifth Ticket, and the Hookah Lounge came up, and we thought we were done filming after this. Unfortunately, we weren’t happy with a few things, and took more time to go back and film at a few extra places to make it better (Side note: We had an incredible filming team by the way, one of our videographers, Lian Morrison, was actually recently hired to go to China to film a documentary!).”
“Finally we got it all done and Timo also does video editing too, so he finished that, and we finally got to put it out onto Facebook last Friday. A very long process, but we were very pleased with the final product and people’s reactions toward it, as it also got shared around just over 100 times with just about 7 k views.”