Melissa Murphy moved away just after graduating high school. “I had always planned on studying music, but the classical program that was offered at MUN never really interested me. I decided to move to Toronto, where there were music schools more suited to my artistic goals.”

While at music school in Toronto, she “met so many amazing musicians, and started bringing songs to my band.” Initially, that band was simply The Melissa Murphy Band, but after spending a few weeks at her parents’ house in Flatrock, the band thought it would be fitting to change their name to Flatrock, and “embrace the band mentality that had been forming through the development of our personal and musical relationships.”

Have a listen to the first single off Flatrock’s new album below: both of which are called The Hill. Murphy says the song represents the ideal place, or state of mind, where everyone wants to be.

“The song showcases all the obstacles that get in the way of reaching ‘The Hill.’ Issues such as depression and anxiety are some of the challenges that I have written about. This theme flows through the album, developing as it moves along.”

Murphy’s voice sits clear and bright and compelling atop the band’s fluid pop groves,paired with a nice touch of indie rock grit and airy modern electronic textures. It’s danceable music with rock substance — take your pick for why you like it.

“It’s hard to describe our album,” Murphy says, “because it uses elements from many genres. Pop, rock, indie, and dreamy are all words that come to my mind when I think about the record. A lot of people have compared us to Florence and the Machine and London Grammar.”

As for this Flatrocker, she tries to keep in touch with what’s happening here in the music scene. “Last time we were on tour a great band, Quote the Raven, opened for us, and they were spectacular! The island really does cultivate amazing talent!

“I wish I was there to experience it more often. I am very excited to see the bands sharing the bill with us this summer at the Rockhouse! Waterfront Fire and Allie Duff are joining us and I can’t wait to see what they have in store!”

Flatrock are flatout on a cross-country tour this month, but you can catch them here at The Rockhouse, on August 27th.