Some people actually drink clamato juice by the glass, but for most of us, the product is exclusively known as the backbone of the best breakfast drink or pre-meal cocktail on a menu, the Caesar. It’s part meal, part drink, and as nutritious as a tall glass of booze can be.

Part of the joy in Caesars is how they differ from bar to bar in their ingredients and garnishes. Adelaide have red wine in theirs for example, and an oyster in the shell atop the glass; Aqua served theirs with a crab claw, and infused the booze with bacon. Place to place, you never know what you’re going to get.

So it’s of little surprise that Mott’s runs a national competition, the Mott’s Clamato Best Caesar in Town Nationals, which take places as part of the Gourmet Food & Wine Expo in Toronto — an event that sees nearly 50,000 guests a year.

This year’s Caesar showdown takes place Sunday the 22nd, and having won the regional round of the competition, The Ship Pub’s dynamic duo, Lyndsey and Bev, will be representing St. John’s alongside top Caesar mixologists from across the country.

“We missed the 2014 competition, so we had an extra year to perfect our Caesar!,” Lyndsey jokes. Their creation is a Sushi Caesar. “We started with the idea of crushed wasabi peas as a rim, and ended with a sushi garnish, with a lot of other ingredients in between.”

As with round 1, they’ll be judged on the following criteria: appearance, originality, garnish, “shellfish relevance,” and of course, taste. If you wanna try their competition grade concoction, they’d be happy to hook you up at a happy hour when they get back in town.