All summer long, Blue on Water is taking fresh and local on the road, when not parking it for business across from the old Allan’s Video on Elisabeth Avenue. 

The corner of Elizabeth Avenue and Portugal Cove Road (a.k.a. the Harold Snow building) will be home base for Hitchen the Kitchen this summer, Blue on Water’s mobile food destination.

The menu is a mix of food truck comfort food standards and fresh options. They’re serving items like cod tacos with homemade jalapeño sauce and slaw. The Smash Burger has got fresh ground beef from Halliday’s and bacon. They’ll also be serving up items like duck poutine, pulled pork mac and cheese, and spicy shrimp with dirty rice.

The truck will be open most days from 11 in the morning to 7 in the evening. “We’re hoping to catch the ‘going home’ traffic,” says operator Leslie Brake, who, along with her husband Jason, owns the truck as well as Blue on Water.

“Any day it’s nice weather, and we’re not booked somewhere else, we’ll be here.”

They’re also available for bookings, in case you want them to swing by your office party or wedding reception late night.

For the latest, check @hitchthekitch on Twitter, or call Blue on Water at (709) 754-2583.