If you make your way to Bonavista this summer (and you should), Brad Gover and Allyson Howse will be serving you from the side of their aquamarine dream of a food truck. Saucy Mouth will be parking around the Bonavista Peninsula, starting this June, dishing out bowls of international-inspired food.

This summer, rather than do the St. John’s food truck circuit, the pair set their sights on Bonavista. “We did a lot of baycationing last year, and we absolutely fell in love with Bonavista,” says Team Saucy Mouth. “It has all the charms of traditional rural Newfoundland, as well as a really innovative business community and a working town that has opened its arms to us.”

Along with her food service experience, Howse has been involved in tourism throughout the east coast, as well as Ghana and Peru, but she ranks her restaurant experience in establishments serving Indian, Thai and Turkish cuisine as the most essential to her culinary identity and the Saucy Mouth menu. Gover is “a self-proclaimed gastronome” with kitchen experience. With his business partner, Phil Goodland, he currently co-owns and co-operates two online catering companies: “FlipOut! The World’s Best Little Apple Flip Company” and “SneakyBBQ.”

Saucy Mouth’s logo – looking like pop art Rocky Horror – stands out. “Well, as we are both a little saucy ourselves, we wanted our brand to be fun, accessible and have a little sense of humor,” they say. The duo behind Saucy Mouth are aiming to bring their A-game when it comes to dishes with kick-ass homemade sauces.

Street fries are a core menu item for Saucy Mouth. The team wanted gourmet hand cut fries that resemble a salad: adorned with fresh and flavourful ingredients and garnishes. “Gourmet street fries allow customers to experiment with interesting flavour profiles, combining healthy ingredients with a treat: home cut and delicious French fries,” says the team.

It’s not your typical chip truck. You can go Korean, with flavours of kimchi, gochugang, and black sesame seeds atop a bowl of sweet potato fries. Or, you can go Mexican, with pico de gallo, fresh corn, jalapeño, cilantro, and lime on your homecut fries. For something closer to home, they have poutine with Five Brothers cheese curds, and they’ve got classic Newfoundland fries with homemade savory dressing and gravy. They use TVP, so even the gravy is veggie-friendly.

As for the rice and noodle bowls, they’ve got Bibimbop, Tantanmen noodle soup, their Mother of Dragon Bowl (marinated tofu, veggies, nori, and dragon sauce), and Beet Poke (marinated beets, veggies, black sesame seeds, and fried tofu).

Saucy Mouth is also making their own homemade natural sodas using fruit, organic sugar, and herbs and flowers. “No additives, preservatives, or chemicals: just natural magic,” they say.

With the summer in front of them, Saucy Mouth is looking forward to “making some sweet grub, meeting some neat people, and saving our coins for a woodstove and a place to put it.”

Saucy Mouth Food Truck is located in Bonavista, NL. Check @saucymouthtruck for details. You can also find them on Indiegogo: Saucy Mouth Truck- Food To Fill Your Face!