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  1. Now? St John’s has been a sea of clones for as many years as I can remember, and still manages to be no less than five years behind the times, anywhere else.

  2. I wouldn’t worry, they’re just looking for a girl with black tights, boots, hair in a bun, green jacket, yoga mat.

  3. When i first left the city i really missed the 24/7 stores. After leaving the rock, family aside, i haven’t missed it one day.

    The ignorance of BOTH boys and girls / men and women is simply astounding. Of all the small towns i’ve been through there St. John’s IS still the most ignorant.. go figs.

    Now always remember.. The only thing worse than a townie is a bayman trying to be a townie. AND Once the fog clears you can see the fish bowl.


  4. Homesick People Lover on

    Everyday in Toronto, I see countless trendy barber shops, guys with the same haircut, and the same dressy brown shoes. Regardless of the city you are in, you will see people who want to fit in with the crowd. Can we really fault them? (And I say this as someone who doesn’t necessarily care for trends myself). For those who are irritated by that particular trend (not a big fan either), it will pass soon enough. But as always, you’ll still have that sea of clones – just with a new haircut and shoes.

    As for St. John’s supposedly being 5 years behind everywhere else… if being different is so important, then at least we’ve got a way to stand out. 😉

  5. But if it starts being trendy to be untrendy, you need to be trendy again to be fringe. Because of the esoteric irony.

    In terms of ignorance, I see it more as people who are acting out the hopelessness of living in a resource-based economy that keeps hot/cording the citizens; a larger issue. But hey. I’m just a cockeyed optimist mixed up in the high stakes game of municipal diplomacy and provincial intrigue.

  6. I don’t think it has anything to do with the hopelessness of our economy. I just think people just like to do what their peers do.
    The internet gives a clear image of the attitude that matches attire and we pick how we want to be perceived. For some reason the west likes to think we’re an individualist culture, but i think that’s more of a marketing scheme.
    I think you can be untrendy without being ironic; just stay away from things that may have been a fad in the past or based on some internet sensation.

  7. I appreciate your perspective B. Admittedly, I was approaching my post from a silly angle, not looking so much to deepen the discussion. But your point gives me pause, and helps me to think about identity and meaning in a more compassionate way.

  8. That’s quite a specific response to witnessing a respectful discourse, DT. Good luck out there, champ.

  9. I know, right!? It’s so strange, I just had a weird feeling that you two would fuck good together.

  10. Bet you get a lot of weird feelings, eh, DT ? Listen, your mommy is calling out to you from upstairs, telling you to stop watching porn on your computer in the basement and come get your favorite lunch that she prepared just the way you like it. lol

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