Here’s One Person’s Take on Local Drink Culture

Our Best of St. John's Issue Hits Stands Wednesday: Here's One Person's Take on Local Drink Culture

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Our Best of St. John’s Issue Hits Stands Wednesday. We asked you hundreds of questions, and received thousands of answers.

No one was bound to multiple choice answers, which meant there was room for plenty of honesty, like this person’s responses on the “Best of Local Drink” survey.

Best Coffee in Town?


Best latté in town?

“Only assholes drink those.”

Best cappuccino  in town?

“I’m too poor for that shit.”

Best Hot Chocolate in Town?

“Hot chocolate is for children.”

Best local domestic brown bottle Beer?

“Black Horse and if you give the award to any other beer you’re irrelevant.”

Best selection of pints on tap?

“I don’t know all I drink is black horse.”

Best spot in town for cocktails?

“Fu-k cocktails. I drink black horse.”

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