I Have Been Thinking about Her Teeth Again

“It’s just that I don’t understand how missus at the [gas station] chews her food with her bottom two teeth missing. I go there often for gas or snacks, and she’s there like 2 in 10 times, and every time I see her (she’s deadly to chat with!) I spend the following hour trying to imagine how she eats something like an apple without her bottom two teeth. Think about it. I picture it hurting to eat.” – Duncan

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  • By the way, when I first saw your blog topic, I thought you were soliciting donations so that you could adopt another little one! I was all jazzed…but then I saw you were talking about something completely different!

  • you should quit losing weight, its not natural for women to be skinny, its a losing battle. your body does not want it, big girls are the best girls, soft, cuddly and thmmmkicmmmmm

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