If You Hear a Big Bang Come from the Grapevine This Morning, Relax.

Expect an explosion downtown this morning ...

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Expect an explosion downtown today, between 9 and 11 am, at The Grapevine on Water Street. But relax. It’s a simulation.

Republic of Doyle are finishing up filming their sixth and final season, and they’re clearly going out with a literal bang.

It’s great to have such industry infrastructure and so many skilled film folks here that we can fake an exploding building. Hopefully there’s a few brilliant schemers in town plotting the next locally filmed CBC TV show.

How great, as well, to picture a pile of perplexed and petrified people running for their life … for no reason.

Lucky for you, you check The Overcast every morning, so you won’t be one of those people Tweeting WTF in the morning.


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