On Friday the 15th, Modern legends Derm Kean and an Incredible Woman will play their first show in ages, alongside city favourites Cafeteria, and 2 exciting new bands: Punch Table and India.

Here’s a new track off the forthcoming album: “I Had a Friend”

What’s the latest with the record? The title, the drop date?

I have a recording session booked for the 20th of January back in Montreal, just to touch up a few areas. The majority of the record has been sent to the mixes to be worked on by Alex Crow of Crow Productions. Very nice man.

I laugh now at some of the record titles I have pondered, wondering why I was ever even considering them. Some of them are so ridiculous, the most brutal one I can remember is Derm Kean is Joseph Merrick. Right? What a pile of pompous bullshit, sweet Jesus. I get a big kick out of that one.

Cheddar was pretty bad too. The name I have choose now, however, is not ridiculous. It makes perfect sense to me, it’s Incredible. You’ll hear it this Spring.

Derm Kean

Derm Kean

What does it sound like in your own words?

There are so many ways you can describe a record. First thing’s first I’m very proud of how well-rounded this record is. Every track totally kills. I remember when I listened to the instrumental of our song “Loose Rubble” for the first time. That was a great moment. It sounded almost psychedelic, a term that had never ever come close to entering my head as a way to describe anything in our sound.

It’s not a word that ever came up in a jam when we would be ironing logistics of a song either, that’s for sure. Little things like that, little surprises, they’re nice. The sound is big, it’s abrasive, it’s in your face, it’s dark. It’s also pop, it’s also fun, it’s danceable.

That’s quite a band you’ve behind you, how do the songs come together?

The five of us really have something together. I write a song. I bring it to the band. I let them know what’s going on in my mind. And we hash it out. I’m so lucky to have the bandmates I do.

Harry doesn’t miss a beat. He brings excitement and flair to the percussion, plus ideas I definitely wouldn’t have had. Rhythm section is everything. Harry is perfectly matched to Jud. Jud somehow helps to materialize my chaotic visions. Sometimes I have my finger on the pulse, and I’m hoping Jud will know intuitively where that is … because I’m always searching for something grim and dark, and wondering if he will understand. He always does.

Synthesizers are very unforgiving, which never seems to be a problem with Krista. I know a lot of her musical influences lie in this field. It’s not hard to tell. She’s always on point and definitely has a wonderful ear for scoping out the proper sound for each track.

Christian is one of the most exciting guitarists alive today. You never know what he’s going to do next. I don’t think I’ll ever understand how he gets the sounds he does from his guitar. He blends noise and pop hooks like a mastermind. He has it down to an absolute art, taking things that almost seem like they should be audibly offensive and making them 100% palatable. It’s mind-blowing.

Tell us about the videos you’re making for the album

I’m making four of them. I want to capture the “up and down” of one character. It’s about the many different shades of self-destructive behaviour. So if watched in order of their release, they should purvey a wave of energy and mood. The first one captures fearlessness and ego… as well as delusion. The second video captures claustrophobia. There’s a defeated and dark air to it; it’s grim.

The third video brings us back to the very charged, over-the-top confident person. The last video is meant to embody the attitude of the first three bringing the saga to a close. The vulnerable character aimlessly wandering, although he is clearly determined to get to his destination.

What brought you to Montreal, what have you been up to?

I only planned on being in Montreal for a few weeks, but I got hooked. What have I been up to? This album, yeah. That’s where my head has been for the last year, really. It took a few engineers to find someone who I jived with properly. And that person is Loel Campbell.

Many nights spent in the studio where I’ve been working with Loel, a lot of trial and error, pushing myself as a vocalist, trying to do more. Plus the videos—they’ve been a huge undertaking since the beginning of Fall. I’m in love with Montreal, its vibrant culture and energy and its beautiful people. I’ve met many people whom I wholeheartedly cherish, new friendships, and new relationships.

It’s very exciting for me. I find my new surroundings inspire me to take artistic avenues that would have otherwise gone un-ventured. I’ve challenged myself in areas that otherwise would have been left alone. It’s been a tremendous period of growth.

How does our music scene here compare to Montreal’s? 

I know where I come from. I’m a total product of this city’s loud, underground scene. My sound and style come from my influences. And I’m lucky enough to have them be people I can text and go for coffee with.

As far as I can remember, and have been told, there has never been a shortage of an exciting group of people thinking outside the realm of the norm and creating something special. It’s an attitude and a culture that is being carried out to this day.

Lest we forget Colonel Craze and the Hunch, Kill Popoff, Be Alright, Local Tough, Trailer Camp, Rondelay, My Antonia, Once Loved, The Drunks Rule This Place, Cider Squadron 666, Dig Up the Dead, Chatty Cathy’s, Nerve Attack, TMFI, Last Line, Under Authority, First Blood, Tarmouth, Dogmeat BBQ, Da Slyme, Tough Justice, Amusia, The Killing, Beaumont Hamel, Are You Phobic?, Triceratops, Fireign, Skull Face and Others, So It Goes, Cloud Machine, Life of Leisure, Plan 13, Icebreaker, The Peepholes, Origin of the Sound Band (anything Danny went near), Langor, Errand Boy, Maxse Street Player Haters, Not Enough Bullets, Greta Garbo, Judge Dredd, First Offence.

This is just to name a few of the original talent whom have been a part of this amazing city. This is an amazing history of punk. And there are so many more that aren’t even mentioned here and so many that have even yet to be created.

As for the scene in Montreal, my role in that city is just beginning to bud, but ya know, it’s Montreal, it’s an amazing scene. The few shows I have performed out there have been such a blast. The first gig in Montreal was at Bethlehem XXX, the greatest restaurant in the world.

That was the end of August, my birthday actually, it was a real treat, an over the top hilarious night for sure. We shared that bill with good friends, and exceptional band, COUNTRY, no strangers to the people here at home, if you don’t know them, you should, BUT! if you don’t, check them out.

The very next night we played a wonderful festival hosted in Montreal called “Passovah” created and operated by a very nice fello by the name of Noah Bick. I was so excited to be asked. We kicked it off for Wintersleep at Bar Le Ritz, loves those guys, they’re dropping a new record any day now. We really fucking brought it that night, I had to sit down for like 45 minutes after the show, thought I was gonna pass out.

Montreal is a city full of people always ready to come out and see and hear new things. I love it, it’s so charming, it’s beautiful. It’s early in the game for me but I have had nothing but great experiences with venues, organizers and crowds, before and after each gig. It’s directly back to the jam room when I get back to the City this coming Monday.

To start ironing out my next show with my Montreal version of “Incredible Woman,” who I tend to refer to as “Femme Incroyable” to help me differentiate the people involved. Again so lucky to have landed the sensational talents I have. “Femme Incroyable” is made up of the relentless talents of Chang Lee, Justin Guzzwell, Steve Cowan, Ae fuckin Bridger and of course Christian. All Newfoundlanders, I love it.

We’ll be playing a Show on the 29th of January in Montreal at a great rock venue called L’Escogriffe. It’s sure to be a killer night. We’ll be sharing that stage with Montreal’s Yardlets (who will be releasing their new ep!) and Ghost Vines.

This show will be a party brought to you by “Analouge Addiction” a Montreal Promotions Company Operated by two motivated exceptional young men who I love named Jean-Philippe Bourgeois and Renard Casse. I’m very enthusiastic about getting it going when I return this coming Monday. I’m diving in swingin’ head first, I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

So your first show in forever is Friday at The Rockhouse, should we all come or what?

Our shows kick ass, this is going to be our biggest, baddest and loudest one yet, I’m very excited, I even bought a new shirt. See you on Friday everyone.