Newfoundlanders love bingo, but Kelly Duke has taken the game out of the hall and brought it to every downtownie’s favourite park with her Bannerman Bingo cards. Simply spot a classic Bannerman sight, dab it, and like real bingo, winner is a straight line, any way.

imageThe game is nothing new for Kelly Duke. She says four years ago, “My friend Susan Kelsey and I were lounging around in the grass one summer day, people watching, pointing out what we thought were ‘Bannerman Park tropes'” and so the game was born.

Some of her squares are more easily dabbed than others. “The most common ones are probably patchwork quilts, and sneaky alcohol (if you’re quick enough to catch it), although every new person introduced to the game seems to come up with a Bannerman Park Trope I had never thought of — a few of the ones on these cards are from suggestions I’ve received on Facebook.”

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