“So what: a man made a joke on Facebook about everyone’s obsession with Pokemon Go, and you all made sure to band together to assault their star rating on Facebook and Yelp — way to help destroy a killer brewery and local pub during hard economic times over a friggen phone game! What a bunch of heroes. Nevermind police killing black people in The States — some man pokes fun at Pokemon Go and you want his head? Gawd! We live in such a selfish world — if the offense doesn’t touch you personally then who cares about activism against it? And everyone’s so hateful and quick to turn on people they don’t even know! He is a nice man, made a remark, sincerely apologized for it, yet there’s people hating on him with wrath the likes of which Trump hasn’t even gotten from you guys! Really, THIS is your war, Pokemon Go is what makes you all band together for online activism? Are you really crying out you were discriminated against? Jesus, Google the recent murder of Qandeel Baloch in Pakistan for a taste of real oppression.” – Needs a Break from All This Online Raging