Hard to Believe

 Only three of these tall tales are true. Lay off Google, and guess the false answer …

1.) Potholes in St. John’s can knock a tire right off your car, sure, but one time in North Cork Ireland, a man found a pothole so deep, and full of water, that he dove headfirst into it, completely submersed, and had a swim. The video went viral on YouTube.

2.) Mayor Dennis ‘Doc’ O’Keefe has an unsung claim to fame: He once pinned the famous Newfoundland wrestler, Sailor White, fair and square in a very public event, at an old stadium (now Quidi Vidi Dominion), many decades ago.

3.) All of the following facts about moose are true: They are the largest member of the deer family, their antlers help funnel sounds to their ears, and the purpose of the “bell” hanging from their throats baffles scientists to this day. And at least once a year in America, a moose is struck by a plane.

4.) Labrador is significantly larger than the island of Newfoundland, yet more than 90% of the province’s people live on the island of Newfoundland.

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