A wise man probably once said that trivia is the best way to learn a thing or two about the place you call home. Only three of these facts are true. Lay off Google, and guess the false answer …

1.) This past weekend, comedian Shaun Majumder went swimming with a beluga whale that’s been hanging around the Baie de Verte peninsula. He caught it on camera, and now it’s the latest Newfoundland viral video.

2.) Though not native to the island, there was a walrus in Portugal Cove this weekend. A walrus!

3.) A former drug addict named Shane Mugford is currently offering a potentially lethal hallucinogenic drug to locals struggling with addictions. It’s called Ibogaine, and it’ll get you high for upwards of 30 hours. The theory is that you feel so elated for the week after your treatment/stone, the elation will cure you of your addiction.

4.) Tennis legend Andre Agassi tried Rodrigues Winery’s bakeapple wine, just once, while visiting a Newfoundlander in Halifax. It left such an impression, he regularly orders a box of this local wine to be delivered to him at his home in Neveda.

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