A wise man probably once said that trivia is the best way to learn a thing or two about the place you call home. Only three of these facts are true. Lay off Google, and guess the false statement …

1.) September’s issue of Playboy magazine will have a Newfoundlander on the cover, a 24 year old from CBS named Stephanie, to be exact.

2.) The Newfoundland term “Scalyboot” is used in reference to a fisherman with exceptional balance, during times when things get rocky on a boat.

3.) Everyone is raving about the newly opened Saigon Bistro — a Vietnamese place in Rabbitown. But it’s technically not all that new: the owners’ parents actually ran a spot called Saigon Cafe on Water Street for many years, before closing up shop and retiring a decade or so ago.

4.) There’ s a horrible fungal disease named, quite oddly, “White Noise Syndrome,” that has been clobbering bats in Atlantic Canada — wiping out almost 100% of some populations in the Maritimes. Scientists are concerned it’s coming for Newfoundland next, where it will level both species of bats native to our province. A visible sign will be witnessing bats flying in the day or during the winter months.

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